13 Beloved | 2006
Tawng Finds Out That the Police Were Involved

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Unknown: Hello?
That wasn't a wise choice.
Why didn't you get rid of the problem?
Because I'm still human.
Are you sure?
You now have 40 million Baht!
And you're about to add another 50 million in level 12!
So, you're sure that...
Mr. Chit was involved in the clothesline incident?
And what were you doing at the scene?
I went to where the website told me to go.
Website? Website?
How can I put this?
The website was just a blank page.
I typed in the address just as you did.
Then I googled Chit's name and everything,
but there's no such thing.
They must have moved the site.
Yes, sir.
The injured man at the scene has died.
That leaves you as the only witness to testify that Phuchit was there.
There was an old woman. She...
The report doesn't mention anyone else.
Is there anything else?
In that case, I'll be on my way.
He's always accusing me.
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