A Beautiful Mind | 2001
Held Against His Will

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A Beautiful Mind
A Beautiful Mind | 2001
Starring: Russell Crowe, Ed Harris, Jennifer Connelly, See all
Directed by: Ron Howard

After a brilliant but asocial mathematician accepts secret work in cryptography, his life takes a turn to the nightmarish.

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Clip Quotes

Dr. Rosen: John?
Can you hear me?
Go easy now.
Thorazine takes a little while to wear off.
Sorry about the restraints.
You've got one hell of a right hook.
John Nash: Where am I?
Dr. Rosen: MacArthur Psychiatric Hospital.
John Nash: I find that highly unlikely.
You made a mistake.
My work is non-military in application.
Dr. Rosen: Which work is that, John?
John Nash: I don't know anything.
Dr. Rosen: There's no good in keeping secrets, you know.
John Nash: Charles?
Unknown: I didn't mean to get you involved in this.
I'm sorry.
John Nash: Charles?
The prodigal roommate revealed.
"Saw my name on the lecture slate"?
You lying son of a bitch!
Dr. Rosen: Who are you talking to? Tell me who you see.
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