Along Came Polly | 2004
Enter Claude

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Along Came Polly
Along Came Polly | 2004
Starring: Ben Stiller, Jennifer Aniston, Philip Seymour Hoffman, See all
Directed by: John Hamburg

A buttoned up newlywed finds his too organized life falling into chaos when he falls in love with an old classmate.

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Claude: Hi. Hello. Oh!
How's it going?
Reuben Feffer: Uh, it's, uh, going great. Thank you.
Claude: So I see you gang are new to the island. I want to come have a meet with you, show you my boat.
That is my boat there on the sandbar.
Lisa Kramer: It's very, uh, big.
Claude: Yeah, it's pretty good size. It's good size.
So, tell me true, are you guys for scuba?
Reuben Feffer: What does that mean?
Claude: I'm like the unofficial scuba king of St. Barts,
so if you are for scuba, I take you out on the boat,
I show you the coral reef,
and we have kinda like a... like a scuba party.
Reuben Feffer: That sounds great, but we're not certified, so we're gonna have to pass.
Claude: That is no biggie. I get you resort-certified couple of hour.
Lisa Kramer: Oh, I have always wanted to try it.
Reuben Feffer: Yeah?
Claude: Good. My name is Claude. What is, uh, you guys' name?
Reuben Feffer: Uh, my name is Reuben.
This is my wife, Lisa. "Leuban," I am here all afternoon.
Claude: All right, au revoir, Leuban, Lisa. Solid.
Reuben Feffer: Solid.
Claude: Hi. Hello. How's it going?
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