Cats & Dogs | 2001
The Sinister Serum

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Cats & Dogs
Cats & Dogs | 2001
Starring: Jeff Goldblum, Elizabeth Perkins, Alexander Pollock, See all
Directed by: Lawrence Guterman

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Clip Quotes

Unknown: Will someone please shut her up?!
I have an ingenious test to perform.
Are you mutants? I read this comic book-
"I read this in a comic book. " You make me sick!
Calm down, honey. Calm down.
It's an experiment gone awry. You're turning blue!
It's about time.
My captive audience...
...shall we play a little game, young Brody? Excuse me.
The vial! The green one!
Here, boss.
Mr. Tinkles: Oh, hello, Mr. Sinister Serum.
Unknown: What's in that?
My quote-unquote master's fake snow... the perfect medium for carrying...
...your disease.
Ah, yes. Thereby breaking the bond between a boy and his dog.
No, wait.
Professor Brody: Bad. Bad talking cat.
Unknown: Scat.
Lower the cage!
You! Go assemble the troops.
Yes, sir.
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