Cats & Dogs | 2001
Trinkles Confronts the Brodys

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Cats & Dogs
Cats & Dogs | 2001
Starring: Jeff Goldblum, Elizabeth Perkins, Alexander Pollock, See all
Directed by: Lawrence Guterman

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Clip Quotes

Unknown: Faster. I thought you were union!
I got a bonus for the guy...
That's it. The Christmas tree from the note.
What the heck are they up to?
That's enough mice to feed an army.
Hello, Professor Brody.
Who are you?
Sorry about the wait...
...but we had tests to run.
Who's that? Who are you?
Is this about my work?
You're from one of those multinational, corporate, profit-mongering...
...pharmaceutical companies stealing-
Pharmaceutical company? I'm afraid you misunderstand me.
What's going on? Hello? Where'd you go?
That smell. A feline essence-
Where are you?
Show yourself. You can't hide forever.
But I've nothing to hide.
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