Dead Meat | 2004
The Couple in the Car

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Dead Meat
Dead Meat | 2004
Starring: Marian Araujo, David Muyllaert, Eoin Whelan, See all
Directed by: Conor McMahon

Its not what you eat, its who you eat! Hell on Earth is unleashed when a mutated strain of mad cow disease infects the countryside turning people into ravenous flesh-eating zombies. Caught in this chaos is Helena (Marian Araujo), a young Spanish tourist and Desmond (David Muyllaert), the local gravedigger. Together, this unlikely duo must fight for survival or else become the main course in a zombie feast.

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Clip Quotes

Unknown: And in further news...
we have evidence linking a farmer...
who has admitted breaking waste and feeding laws...
to the farm that started the bovine epidemic.
Feeding dead animal remains to cattle...
is a known source of infection.
The Ministry of Agriculture said today...
that tougher controls will be...
God, it's beautiful here.
Just think, if you'd actually read the map correctly...
we'd never even ended up here.
Are we nearly there?
Yes, we're nearly there, as I said.
It'll be half an hour, we'll be at the hotel.
You can get out and stretch your legs.
Jeez, that brake.
That wasn't working very well.
God, this old car.
An old bang-ner.
How to say it? Banger?
Banger, yeah.
The new ones were contraband.
You mean, like my car.
Yes, actually, that's exactly what I mean.
Bangers are lovely. Got lots of character.
Like yours?
It's a sign of good taste.
Open the glove compartment.
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