Deep Water | 2006
Making Contact

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Deep Water
Deep Water | 2006
Starring: Jean Badin, Clare Crowhurst, Donald Crowhurst, See all
Directed by: Louise Osmond, Jerry Rothwell

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Unknown: Donald: "March 4th:
Lmmediate problems:
One, establish visual contact
Rio Salado entrance, 30 miles;
Two, repair float...
mo proper materials...
large sheet ply,
screws, glue;
Also require oats, meths,
rice, vindaloo paste."
Clare: He knew what it was like
to come in contact with people again.
And they responded to him with warmth.
And yet, why he didn't telephone home
is an overwhelming question.
He must have known we were desperate for news,
but he didn't.
He didn't communicate at that stage,
which is, to me, quite a shattering blow.
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