E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial | 1982
Healing Elliot's Finger

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E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial
E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial | 1982
Starring: Henry Thomas, Dee Wallace, Robert MacNaughton, See all
Directed by: Steven Spielberg

A group of Earth children help a stranded alien botanist return home.

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Clip Quotes

Mary: "Peter says, 'The Redskins were defeated?
"'Wendy and the boys captured by the pirates?
"'I'll rescue her. I'll rescue her. '
"He leaps, first at his dagger...
"... then at his grindstone to sharpen it.
"But Tink rings out a warning cry.
"'Oh, that is just my medicine. '
"She says, 'Poisoned?
"'Who could've poisoned it?'
"'I promised Wendy to take it and I will, as soon as I have sharpened my dagger. '
"Tinkerbell sees its red color...
"... and remembers the red in the pirate's eye...
"... nobly swallows the draft...
"... as Peter's hand is reaching for it.
"'Why, Tink, you have drunk my medicine. '
"She flutters strangely about the room...
"... answering him with a very faint tinkle. "
Unknown: Ouch!
Mary: "She says she thinks she could get well again...
"... if children believed in fairies.
"Do you believe? Say quick that you believe. "
Gertie: I do!
Mary: "If you believe, clap your hands.
"Many clap, some don't, a few hiss.
"But Tink is saved. 'Thank you.
"'Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you.
"'And now to rescue Wendy. "'
Gertie: Can you read it to me again?
Mary: "Peter says... "
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