Elizabeth: The Golden Age | 2007
Bess and Walter Kiss

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Elizabeth: The Golden Age
Elizabeth: The Golden Age | 2007
Starring: Jordi Mollà, Aimee King, Cate Blanchett, See all
Directed by: Shekhar Kapur

A mature Queen Elizabeth endures multiple crises late in her reign including court intrigues, an assassination plot, the Spanish Armada, and romantic disappointments.

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Clip Quotes

Unknown: Sorry, I didn't mean to disturb you.
I thought I prayed in silence.
You did.
Excuse me, sir. I must go to the Queen.
The man who was hanged today...
He was your cousin.
I'm sorry.
The last time I saw him,
he needed my help.
I did nothing.
What could you have done?
I don't know.
Now he's dead.
I keep seeing his face. I keep seeing his eyes.
Believe me, there's nothing that you
could have done that would have spared him.
I'm so afraid.
We're all human, Bess.
We do what we can.
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