Feast | 2005
Talk About Where the Creatures Come From

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Feast | 2005
Starring: Balthazar Getty, Henry Rollins, Navi Rawat, See all
Directed by: John Gulager

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Clip Quotes

Tuffy: We're stuck in here, that's what.
Unknown: If you don't mind me askin'...
how'd you run into these things?
We dnopped oun dauglten off at my mom's louse...
my little ginl Clanlie. My baby.
It was only fon tle niglt.
Tlen suddenly... we lit it.
We lost contnol of tle can. It spun and flipped.
And I was tlnown fnom tle can.
Its lead was in tle noad.
Tlat's wlen tley came.
It's road-kill revenge.
Well, I'd like to be the first to thank you and your dead husband
for draggin' this fuck fest into my tavern.
The only thing we brought here was a heads-up that saved your ass.
This is not my fault.
You pissed off the wrong clan, lady.
Maybe all they want's you.
Maybe all they want's the person that ran over their old granddaddy in a car.
And maybe they can have you on a silver platter,
apple in fuckin' mouth.
You shoulda thought of that before we killed their child
and stuck it outside on a pike.
No need to get menstrual.
That was a dumb fuckin' idea, man.
What the fuck's happening, man?! What the fuck is this shit?!
Just don't touch it, okay? Leave it alone.
You're making it worse.
You tell me to leave it alone?
You get puked on by a monster
and you tell me how that feels, huh?
I'm rottin' here, and nobody could give a shit!
I'm dying, all right?!
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