Nanny McPhee Returns | 2010
The Piglets Are Gone

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Nanny McPhee Returns
Nanny McPhee Returns | 2010
Starring: Maggie Gyllenhaal, Oscar Steer, Asa Butterfield, See all
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Clip Quotes

Unknown: Don't forget, Norman, Farmer Macreadie is coming for the piglets at noon.
I'll be back in time for that. I've got to run.
There's a delivery of mouse traps at the shop.
I've got to get to them before Mrs Docherty...
For heaven's sake.
I'll see you outside.
Oh! Don't be so disgusting.
You have wind because you have collywobbles,
and you have the collywobbles because you have been eating window putty.
I'm not interested, Mr Edelweiss.
All the piglets have gone?
Yes, that is interesting,
very interesting.
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