Sade | 2000
Emilie Visists Sade

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Unknown: Are you feeling better, Mother?
A little.
Come pray with me, Emilie.
Where is your father?
Talking downstairs.
Love your father, Emilie.
He may seem inattentive or frivolous,
but it is to him,
to his tenderness and fortune, that we owe this reprieve.
But expect nothing of life.
It's me.
If it's you, then come in.
This isn't an ogre's den.
I know.
Though among all the things you've heard about me...
Well, it's all true.
But not as they mean it.
Is this your writing?
Yes. But I've been working for 3 hours.
And your allergy?
I treated it with compresses and boiled water.
Is this about your life?
Sit down, Emilie.
Let me look at you.
Shall I talk with my back turned?
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