Sade | 2000
Execution of Robespierre

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Unknown: Louis-Fran�ois Lejeune, ex-police officer.
Monfort the Elder, ex-noble.
Pierre-Louis de Montcrif, ex-noble.
Elisabeth de Beckett de Saint-Maur.
Mother, I don't want to go!
Donatien-Aldonze-Fran�ois Sade.
He's gone!
He left months ago.
Sade, absent.
What time is it?
You still have time.
"Have time..."
You didn't sleep at all.
When this is over, we'll go...
Go where?
Sade won't be arrested today. I reported him at Saint Lazare.
The prisons are chaotic. By the time they open a new file...
You did that?
It's what you wanted.
You're not sure now.
I'm off.
It's the day of reckoning.
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