Sade | 2000
Seduction in the Barn

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Unknown: God wouldn't save the King.
Why save us, then?
Silence! You'll bring us bad luck.
Such talk before our child!
But the guillotine is at our windows!
I know.
They say the Parisians complain of the smell.
Get up. You cultivate imaginary ills.
But I let you do as you please.
Enjoy it while you can.
What is this law of 22 Prairial? They say it eliminates lawyers.
Who sees to the defense?
It's a law to punish conspirators only.
Tell us more!
The innocent are safe.
Are we safe?
We pay you for that!
And the Fete of the Supreme Being?
It was a farce!
With Robespierre as high priest.
Being master isn't enough. He wants to play God, too.
I hear the Statue of Wisdom was black with soot!
I was in your room.
My room?
Excuse the way I'm dressed.
It's this bestial heat.
What are you doing?
Trying to sort things.
Coignard authorizes our play
so long as its silent.
Gagged once again.
But we'll come up with some tableaux vivants.
See the props?
You really won't join us?
Don't you realize our plight?
Yes, I do.
Whether heads fall here or on Revolution Square,
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