Sicko | 2007
Dawnelle Keys' Story

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Sicko | 2007
Starring: Michael Moore, Tucker Albrizzi, Tony Benn, See all
Directed by: Michael Moore

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Unknown: Kaiser Permanente is the largest HMO in the country.
And Dawnelle Keyes was fortunate enough to be fully insured by them.
It's a good thing. Because one night. Her 18-month-old daughter. Mychelle.
Developed a fever of over 104.
So. Like any responsible mom. She called 911.
And the ambulance took Mychelle to the closest hospital.
The hospital checked with her HMO
and they were told that Kaiser would not cover the tests and the antibiotics
necessary to treat Mychelle.
She would have to take her to an in-netork. Kaiser-owned hospital.
Kaiser said that I should bring her by car to the hospital,
and that she shouldn't be treated at Martin Luther King.
I just continued to ask them to treat her, and they refused.
My daughter got worse and she had a seizure.
Dawnelle begged doctors to not listen to Kaiser and to treat her daughter.
I was escorted out of the hospital because they felt that I was a threat.
After hours of delay. She was transported to Kaiser.
And got there just in time to go into cardiac arrest.
They worked on her for about 30 minutes, trying to revive her.
And the doctors came in and let us know that she had expired.
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