Sneakers | 1992

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Sneakers | 1992
Starring: Robert Redford, Sidney Poitier, Jo Marr, See all
Directed by: Phil Alden Robinson

Complex but lighthearted thriller about computers and cryptography, government and espionage, secrets and deception and betrayal.

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Clip Quotes

Mother: There's gotta be a way to cut a deal.
Donald Crease: Too late.
If we had the box, yes. Without it, no.
Unknown: So let's get this friggin' thing.
Martin 'Marty' Bishop: I don't know where it is.
Unknown: What did it sound like?
No idea where they took you?
Martin 'Marty' Bishop: No.
They threw me in a trunk, drove around in circles.
It could be a miles away, next door, underground, in a sky-rise. Forget it.
Unknown: Bish, what did it sound like?
Martin 'Marty' Bishop: What?
Unknown: The road. When you were in the trunk, what did the road sound like?
Martin 'Marty' Bishop: Well, I don't
Highway. A regular highway.
Unknown: Well, did you go over any speed bumps? Gravel?
How about a bridge?
Martin 'Marty' Bishop: Bridge, yeah.
Mother: Four bridges in the Bay Area.
Unknown: Was the Golden Gate fogged in last night?
Donald Crease: Yes.
Unknown: Did you hear a foghorn?
Martin 'Marty' Bishop: No.
Donald Crease: Scratch the Golden Gate.
Carl Arbegast: That leaves three.
Unknown: What did it sound like? Did you go through a tunnel?
Martin 'Marty' Bishop: I'm not
Unknown: Scratch the Bay.
Mother: That leaves two. San Mateo and Dunbarton.
Unknown: What did it sound like?
Martin 'Marty' Bishop: Lower.
There was a recurring sound.
Unknown: Like seams in the concrete.
Martin 'Marty' Bishop: But further apart.
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