Super Size Me | 2004
Why Not Become Healthy?

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Super Size Me
Super Size Me | 2004
Starring: Morgan Spurlock, Daryl Isaacs, Lisa Ganjhu, See all
Directed by: Morgan Spurlock

"Super Size Me" Earns An Academy Award® Nomination for "BEST DOCUMENTARY FEATURE, 2004." SUPER SIZE ME is one mans journey into the world of weight gain, health problems and fast food. Its an examination of the American way of life and how we are eating ourselves to death. Filmmaker Morgan Spurlock unravels the American obesity epidemic by interviewing experts nationwide and by subjecting himself to a "McDonalds only" diet for thirty days straight. His Sundance award-winning feature is as entertaining as it horrifying as it dives into corporate responsibility, nutritional education, school lunch programs and how we as a nation are eating ourselves to death.

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Unknown: is filled with students who have truancy and behavioral problems.
But they've turned things around...
not through discipline, but through diet.
We were fortunate to kind of stumble across
this healthy program as a result of some contact
with natural oven and bakery of Manitowoc Wisconsin,
and they believe in low-fat, low-sugar,
non-chemically processed foods
that are free of dyes and preservatives,
full of whole grains,
a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables.
We do no beef here at all,
and then it's the method of preparation,
where we don't fry.
A lot of baking and then just fresh preparation,
as opposed to opening cans
or thawing things out from the box.
We got rid of candy machines, soda machines,
brought in bottled water, and it was just a situation
where we saw a major change in the kids.
If you walk through these halls, and you're here,
these do not look like at-risk, out-of-control kids.
Their behaviors are better.
They seem to be more focused.
Teachers will tell you
that they get more out of them in the class.
Keep in mind, this is not a private school.
These are the "trouble kids" of the public school system
in Appleton, Wisconsin, that are eating so well.
And it costs about the same
as any other school lunch program.
So my question is... why isn't everyone doing this?
There's an awful lot of resistance
from the junk food companies
that make huge profits off schools at the present time.
They don't want to get kicked out of the school system.
They want to be there to addict the children for life.
The soft drink companies, especially, boast about
how they're contributing to America's education,
but, in fact, what they're doing
is they're draining money from the community
rather than contributing money to the community
because the soft drink companies
aren't pumping those dollars into the machines.
It's the children in the community
who are getting the money from their parents,
and instead of that money going directly to education,
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