The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle | 2000
Students Cheer for Bullwinkle and Thank Him

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The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle
The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle | 2000
Starring: Rene Russo, Jason Alexander, Piper Perabo, See all
Directed by: Des McAnuff

35 years after The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show's cancellation, the 2 have been living off the finances of their reruns on TV...

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Clip Quotes

Rocky: Mayday!
Unknown: You like me!
You really like me!
I guess I've lost the knack.
Rocky: I'll never fly again.
Unknown: Yes, without trees,
where would the birdies live?
Forced to migrate to the cities,
they would take jobs away from local pigeons.
Rocky: Bullwinkle, they're listening!
Unknown: Yes, Bullwinkle's speech was so inane...
that the students couldn't understand a word he was saying,
and consequently found nothing to object to.
So Rocky and Bullwinkle bade a fond farewell
to the hallowed walls of Wossamotta U.
Don't forget to write, old buddy.
Rocky: Bullwinkle, who are you talking to?
Unknown: I don't know,
but it's like talking to a wall.
I want to thank you fellas for bringing unity back
to this troubled campus with your ludicrous remarks.
Martin and I would like to wish you guys
luck against Fearless Leader.
Yeah, and we would come help you guys, but...
we don't wanna get hurt.
Yeah, man, we're not going near him.
Yeah, until we met you guys,
we almost totally lost faith in America.
You know, and we lost faith in our car.
I used to think our car was really cool,
but now it's just always dirty.
And running low on gas.
Yeah, but since we met you guys, we love it again.
Yeah, the car is totally back.
So, as a gesture of our appreciation,
we want you guys to have it.
Yeah, so, take the car.
It's yours.
Gee, fellas, thanks.
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