The Kids Are All Right | 2010
Family Dinner

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The Kids Are All Right
The Kids Are All Right | 2010
Starring: Julianne Moore, Annette Bening, Mark Ruffalo, See all
Directed by: Lisa Cholodenko

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Clip Quotes

Joni: Laser, cut it out. That's driving me crazy.
Laser: I'm not doing anything. Calm down.
Joni: You calm down.
Nic: Hi, guys.
Jules: Hey, babe.
Unknown: Hey, Mom. Sorry I'm late.
Jules: No, don't worry. We just started.
Come on. That's enough.
Nic: Oh, my God. 27 fibroids.
All in the lining.
Jules: That's disgusting.
Yeah. We're eating.
Joni: Wow. Did they do that laparoscopically?
Nic: That's right, smart girl. We got them all.
Hey, whose truck is that?
Jules: Mine.
Nic: Yours?
Laser: Isn't it wicked?
Jules: Mmm-hmm.
For the business.
Nic: What business?
Oh, you mean the gardening?
Joni: Isn't it landscape design?
Jules: Thank you very much.
I got a great deal. It was super cheap.
Nic: Okay. Do we have any more of the Fiddlehead?
Jules: I don't know. I didn't look, honey.
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