The Land Before Time | 1988
Not the Great Valley

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The Land Before Time
The Land Before Time | 1988
Starring: Judith Barsi, Burke Byrnes, Gabriel Damon, See all
Directed by: Don Bluth

Four orphan dinosaurs travel the ruins of their world, while grieving the loss of their families and banding together to face the odds of survival.

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Clip Quotes

Unknown: tree stars!
Oh, look!
Green food!
The Great Valley!
Cera: I found it!
Unknown: Cera, stop it!
I found it!
We've got to get out of here!
That way! Come on!
Spike, hurry up!
Ducky, Spike, get out of there!
They're eating our food!
Cera: Look, look what they're doing!
They're so greedy!
Unknown: What about me?
Cera: I'm still hungry!
Unknown: Haah! You hungry?
Petrie: I empty to the top.
We at the Great Valley
and still no foods.
Unknown: We be hungry forevers.
No, Petrie. Cera was wrong.
Littlefoot: This isn't the Great Valley.
Ducky: Oh, it is not a great anything.
Unknown: Nope, nope, nope.
We better go down
and see if anything's left.
Petrie, could you fly up there and-
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