You Kill Me | 2007
Meeting Laurel

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You Kill Me
You Kill Me | 2007
Starring: Ben Kingsley, Téa Leoni, Luke Wilson, See all
Directed by: John Dahl

While drying out on the West Coast, an alcoholic hit man befriends a tart-tongued woman who might just come in handy when it's time for him to return to Buffalo and settle some old scores.

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Clip Quotes

Unknown: Hey, are you Frank?
That's me.
Doris said you could help me.
I'm not following.
I'm Laurel Pearson.
I'm looking for my stepfather.
And there he is.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Don't worry about it. He's already dead.
What'd he do, tie it himself?
It's not that easy in reverse.
Mm-hmm. We need to change his shoes.
We do?
Mom wanted him buried in his favorite shoes.
He was a big bowler.
You don't seem too broken up.
Even people you don't like die.
I was thinking he kind of looked like a prick.
If you don't mind me saying.
No, not at all.
he seems to have enormous feet.
Yeah, well, those aren't his shoes.
I couldn't find his.
I stole those from the Chestnut Lanes.
Don't tell my mom.
Might have to break his toes.
Whatever gets the job done.
You look beautiful.
He looks real nice. Good job.
Next time you might want to ease up on the rouge.
He's looking a little Raggedy Andy.
I wanted to thank you. Abe looks like a real sport.
I'm glad you're pleased.
I'm sure he appreciates how much care you gave to-
well, to make every
Take it easy, Mom. Here.
Just think, he's going out wearing his favorite shoes.
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